A chance to raft the Karnali with the scientific expedition this October – see info and register under SAVE THE KARNALI page….

If you are not a rafter but still love rivers and want to support our efforts, see below:

We are seeking tax-deductible donations to fund the expedition and provide an alternative future for the Karnali River through Waterkeeper Alliance

Our fundraising goal is $200,000. We have submitted grant proposals and gathered private funding and in-kind contributions, if grant proposals are funded, we will cover 92% of the proposed budget. To meet our goal, however, we still need to raise $18,000. Can you help?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Go to the Waterkeeper Alliance website and click the DONATE button (at top right).

2. Select the amount of the tax-deductible donation you wish to give. Click “Next.”

  1. Under Optional: Select a specific Waterkeeper program to support, in the box where it says

“General Support”, click the arrows to the right.

A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Other”.

A new box appears that says “Designate to…”

TYPE in “Karnali River Waterkeeper”. Click “Next” and follow the directions for contact and payment information.